GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking


GPS tracking

utilizes satellites to discern the precise location, at regular intervals, of a
vehicle, person, mobile or stationary asset. Using the Global Positioning System, fleet
and vehicle tracking GPS software
can not only locate a vehicle, it can also inform the
user how fast it is going, check oil pressure and the status of other onboard equipment.


Global Positioning Systems, once combined with our integrated software, ensures
employee safety, monitors driving habits, tracks stolen assets, organizes maintenance
schedules and integrates route optimization. Alerts can be configured on the GPS
, notifying when a vehicle has arrived at its destination, whether or not it made
any unscheduled "stops" or if it ventured outside of a designated area (geo-fencing).
Advanced analytics, message dispatching, evolving landmarks, and custom mapping are
all made possible through the use of a Global Positioning System. GPS keeps communication
consistent, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

GPS Tracking
DMR 800 GPS Tracking Device

DMR 800

GPS Tracking Device

LMU 700 GPS Tracking Device

LMU 700

GPS Tracking Device

TREQ-M4 GPS Tracking Device


Data Terminal

GL 200 GPS Tracking Device

GL 200

GPS Tracking Device

Surelinx 8100 GPS Tracking Device

Surelinx 8100

Dual Mode
GPS Tracking Device


CAN Telematics' Trakopolis, a comprehensive software that compiles mobile communications, software and GPS into one integrated unit, uses cellular and satellite frequencies to track valuable assets. Clients choose from either cellular, satellite, or the unique, cost effective dual-mode feature. Trakopolis includes mobile fleet management, active maps, real-time tracking, geo-fencing, customizable reports, alerts, exceptions and e-mail messaging, all of which are continuously evolving to suit a clients needs.

Mobile Resource Management allows clients to keep an eye on stationary or mobile assets. It is ideal for any type of business, such as a fleet of taxis - making sure the drivers are not idling when they should be working and to ensure the best routes are being taken to destinations. It is also a key tool in the monitoring of truck drivers - to verify scheduled breaks, keeping them on track.

CAN Telematics offers a unique software, CanHaul, created for the evolving shipping and transportation sector. This website,, connects people from the transportation industry with businesses requiring their services. Using a simple three-step system, clients can find any type of truck to haul loads. Pick your type of load, truck or service, the day you need it and where you need it.

MobileMatch, an add-on for fleet management solutions, gives a truck the ability to let shippers know when it is available. By broadcasting location and status to all major load boards, shippers and freight brokers can see the posting. GPS tracking is a necessity for this day and age, where everything is on-line and easily accessible.