Mobile Resource Management and GPS Software by CAN Telematics

CAN Telematics' CanHaul is a Mobile Resource Management solution that matches those who need trucks with those who have them. This fleet and vehicle tracking GPS software merges GPS tracking with Google maps, making it easy to find the type of truck you need, when you need it and where you need it.

CanHaul uses a simple three-step system, where all you need to do is select the type of truck you need to ship your load, when you want it and where you want it. The website then displays the area chosen on Google maps. Trucks that are available for shipments are displayed, including a picture of the truck, the name of the owner and the type of truck.

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Valuable Vehicle Information
At Your Fingertips

CanHaul also has the unique ability to provide interested shippers or freight handlers with information about the company that owns the trucks, including website and other contact data.

There are many other highlights of canHaul, including a city database with 57,000 entries in North America, over 100 equipment types in 13 categories and multiple day postings.

Know Where Vehicles
Are & When They Are Available

Trucks that are available for work can easily use their onboard GPS system to broadcast locations and when they are available. This will generate more revenue for your company, with very little man-hours.

If you need a load shipped anywhere in North America, or are a shipping company looking to expand your clientele, is an excellent way to conduct business!

Connect With Google Maps
& CanHaul

CAN Telematics fused advanced search capabilities in CanHaul, including radius and legal land description, designed for the Alberta oilfield.

This allows for intuitive radial searching within Google maps as well as legal land description translation for the farthest corner of the continent.

Advertise Your Company
Across 30 Load Boards

CanHaul also allows you to post to 30 other load boards via broadcasting your availability to the LoadBoard network in North America. The website also includes detailed corporate profiles, which easily advertises your company within the LoadBoard. Details incorporate a photo gallery of your assets, contact information about your company, and even a list of authorities and international operation licences.

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